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vrijdag 15 september 2017

IBC 2017 Amsterdam RAI

Talking about 150 Mbs or 5 minutes of video online depending on the source could be a 5GB or 10GB usage, we see a market that changed into unlimited users.
Entertainment Value and Information value from content has changed by the growth of digital media producing on social media platforms to provide live and streaming for professional and personal ways. It is all about the story connected to the people in genuine. The size of investments in this industry has changed from rich to very rich distibutors and media companies. A lot of money is being spent to create this global growth on mobile devices. Personal interest leads to consuming on a personal way of content.
Consumers are always looking for the best and the newest innovations and applications to use. Content creators deliver by expectation cost effectively and comparing Europe to other continents, consumption of these mobile technology is one of the highest. The IBC in Amsterdam has been always one of the biggest events for broadcasters and big media producers and small media consultancies or companies.
Stepping up another level this year we see 4K has changed into a standard and many other usable standards of content are expected to be getting higher and better by years. The VR industry and 360 movie industry is also making a step towards the consumer market. The use of the cloud and drive applications has become a normal thing in life. But if we see the history of film, tv or radio ... a lot has changed.
Content creators are everywhere and at some point and some cases the companies are struggeling in their growth because of this open industry.
As an ecosystem it has to be changed for the public to exploit it as a fair and sensible market. Revenues are created by professionals who can create movies or tv shows.
Platforms like Netflix. Soundcloud. Spotify and Deezer or Blendle and other content providers are focussing on premium content and a database that has a high impact on the crowd. How does a company like LinkedIn compete against Facebook or Twitter.
Solutions are made by the expectation of the user, but somehow whenever a company like Samsung or Apple creates a new device and new applications this is noticed by anyone anywhere.
Engagement of viewership on these markets are made by the products of the past.
Starters are reponding on it with innovations and new possibilities. Just like the start of Youtube or Instagram and Whatsapp it all became better by the innovation of these entrepreneurs. Snapchat and other content platforms are still growing while the market has changed to global and finally the about 7 billion people will be confronted by these industries.
Storage, transport, compression and conversion or transformation are implications of the future.
Faster, bigger and better.
More at the this week.
Written by Online Journalist:
Stijn C.R.E.C.Gabeler

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